Great is Thy Handiwork, Thy Faithfulness





I understand now. I understand why Kingsgate Bridge is beautiful in its way. It has often been dubbed the strangely-famous…..-yet bridge, because the same person who had designed it had apparently designed the Sydney Opera House, and no one could figure why Kingsgate Bridge, in its grey slabs and cold cornerstones, was the work of the same person.

All it took, was a different perspective altogether.

Its beauty, you ask?

Its great beauty, a perspective I have since discovered – and I must humbly admit, only did I so in my 4th year – is the manner in which it is built high in the treetops. In its great height as it soars over the River Wear, it offers spectacular views of Durham. Look to your left, and you see nothing but expanse of beautiful trees (the Nature), look to your right, and you see a quiet little town (the City). Look ahead, and you see the marvellous Cathedral top watching over you.

And in every season, in every season,

The bridge is beautifully draped by the gifts which come with the season.

Day by day, each path of the way,

All the way, my Saviour leads me.


Each of these beautiful photos, were taken in a day. This day, the 24th of October. It holds great significance for me, these which I keep in my heart.

For those who had known me, a year earlier. Things had surely been different.

A year on.

A year on, now in maturity, a year on in womanhood, a year on,

Grounded more firmly in Christ,

Resting in my Saviour’s Love.

What a beautiful day,

A beautiful Day 🙂

Blessed and Praise be to the LORD God! His Grace, Mercy and Marvellous Beauty to that which He has revealed to us!!!

If one would see how God is the Best Pursuer of the human heart and human soul!

“Arise, come, My darling;
My beautiful one, come with Me.”

~ Song of Songs 2: 13


Open your eyes to see, open your eyes to that which He has made around you. Its a promise – God creates the most marvellous things.

He does. 

Can’t wait to see how the New Heavens and New Earth shall be like!!!!


One thought on “Great is Thy Handiwork, Thy Faithfulness

  1. YAy I’m glad you discovered the beauty of Kingsgate bridge!! It’s my favourite bridge 😀 It is the best at twilight, when one side is pitch darkness and the other overlooks the town with its little twinkling lights, and the cathedral rising up in front like a queen in the dim grey light~

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