Do you believe in Angels?

Whilst many things of late had taken its toil on me, God was so Gracious to send my way this day:

The tranquil scenes of Durham,

the calming prayers of two dear mentors up near MacKintosh Court,

complete with a timely homemade ginger cake whilst my tummy rumbled,

and the reminder, that God has made angels. Angels to serve Him, angels to serve us.







Above: Walking through the towering trees on ‘Cardiac Hill’, after a late evening lecture 

I never do believe in coincidences. Not a hair shall fall from my head if it be not the will of God.

This day, I had come upon, not once but twice and thrice, a reminder that heavenly beings other than the dark spiritual forces, heavenly beings on our side. They exist.

From the beginning of the Bible to the end of the Bible…there are angels everywhere.

“I really feel that the greatest single testimony to the existence of angels is the testimony of Jesus Christ. Do you know that? Because I believe what He says. And Jesus in His own teaching talked about angels. In Matthew 22 He said: “They’re like the angels in heaven.” He was talking about angels. In Matthew 24 He talked about angels. In Matthew 26 He talked about angels. In Matthew 18 He talked about angels. And that’s just a…a little smattering of the dozens of times that He talked about angels. Angels exist. I believe it because the Bible says it.”

“Two hundred and seventy-three times God refers to them, that’s worthy of our attention, wouldn’t you think?  You’re going to have a total sensitivity to an entire universe full of new creatures that you have never really understood before, but with whom you will spend your whole eternity. So you might as well get to know them. You’re going to be mingling around with them forever. No sense in going up there and saying – Who are you? They were there before you came anyway.”

“I am convinced that these heavenly beings exist and that they provide unseen aid on our behalf. I do not believe in angels because someone has told me about a dramatic visitation from an angel, impressive as such rare testimonies may be. I do not believe in angels because UFO’s are astonishingly angel-like in some of their reported appearances. I do not believe in angels because ESP experts are making the realm of the spirit world seem more and more plausible. I do not believe in angels because of the sudden world-wide emphasis on the reality of Satan and demons. I do not believe in angels because I have ever seen one because I haven’t. I believe in angels because the Bible says there are angels. And I believe the Bible to be the true Word of God.” — Billy Graham.

Moments before that,

I had been reading some thoughts, on 2 Kings 6: 8-23:

That those who are with us are more than those who are with them. My mind was filled with an epical hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around.

Your Words engulfed me. Early in the morning, Elisha’s servant arose and went out of the house. With the early morning sun striking the mountain hills, he saw shields and swords of the Syrian soldiers, all positioned. Frantic and frightened, he had fleed back to Elisha and reported what he had seen. What could he do? Elisha replied, “Don’t be afraid.” There was no reason to panic. Elisha knew that his servant did not ‘see’ the whole picture. He saw only flesh and blood of a vast army. He had no grasp of the spiritual forces that were at work. He assured that those who were on their side outnumbered the great host of the Syrian army. Elisha prayed, he prayed that the servant’s eyes might be opened to see the angelic army, that was not normally visible.

“Open His eyes, LORD, so that he may see” (verse 17).

His eyes were opened.

He saw.

He saw the angelic warriors surrounding Elisha.

The calmness and the tranquility that are not visible to our eyes, our hearts shall always sees the spiritual forces which God has at His disposal to protect His own children. Elisha responded with the calm of a man who knows that he is secure, under the watchful care of God. It was not the angelic army that brought deliverance to Elisha or to Israel –

It was the answered prayers.

Elisha prayed and the eyes of his servant were opened (v.17). His fears were relieved.

Elisha prayed again, and the eyes of his enemies were closed (v.18).

Angelic intervention, yes, but too, divine intervention through prayer which brought about the deliverance.

For we trust that when we ask God to open our eyes and let us see,

He will let us see.

He will let you see.”

Jessikaiswriting, 4/11/2013

Like a little girl, fully trusting, fully believing. That is all now, I desire to be.

O LORD, let me see,

I ask, dearly, that You let me see.


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