Decibels in London



Great advice given over the weekend:

“If God doesn’t show you a clear sign to change direction, keep going straight on.”

And so, keep going on, is what I’ll do.

Pictured here is Clare and I collecting noise decibels down in London’s Hyde Park as part of the Royal Geographical Society’s Global GIS (Geographical Information Systems) Day. God has made amazing technology! I reckon my students would be duly fascinated, in time to come.

It had been a good short retreat to London in the past day. Interspersed with this insightful event, was the meeting up alongside with two sisters-in-Christ dear to me, opportunities to pray (of which, had resulted in me almost missing my train home! Literally, from South Kensington to Barbican and back to King’s Cross, all in an impossible forty minutes. I had been praying as the train sped through the tube stations, thinking all the while, it’ll be fine if I had to pay for another ticket. That should and ought to be how important fellowship in prayer is πŸ˜‰ How Gracious is God, that I had gotten my train right on the dot.)

And, the day had ended with a surprise fellowship with another, over the long, calm journey back to Durham.

God’s angel armies, are watching over you, as they are, over me.

The week ahead is yet another busy one, there are doors opening everywhere.

I’ll trust Him, for He is Faithful, to guide me which to walk through, my hand in His.

His, in mine.

Thank You, Father, for the little things,

which mean a lot. πŸ™‚


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