It is Very Good to be Home :D

Ah, my fingers twitch in delightful excitement as I prepare to pen my thoughts over the days down here at twiyesudowo.

I have been dreaming of this beautiful day!

And thanks be to God, here I sit this sunny morning, up high on Level 8 at Toh Yi Drive, typing away cheerfully at my laptop, for

I am Home 😀

The last few days had been nothing short of being incredibly blissful, tumbling from a blessed and restful iFocus weekend away, where we had lots of time for prayer and QT, and really, simply sitting before the LORD’s feet, and drinking deep from His Word. We did a Bible overview tracing God’s Salvation plan in Jesus Christ from the Old Testament to the New Testament, and I take home this – People, Land, Blessing (re. Graeme Goldsworthy, “Gospel & Kingdom”), from Genesis through to Revelation, the LORD has never forgotten His promises to His people, as finally revealed in the person of Jesus Christ. From the very beginning, the LORD had seen and planned that it was very good. From the beginning, Genesis 3: 15, the search for Jesus, had begun.

From the very beginning.


Praise God for His faithfulness and consistency through the ages! and may we hence grow in Love for Him! Amen!

It had turned out that we were living in a horse farm – outside our house, which, I must add, had a Snow-White-&-Seven-Dwarf’s room!!  were many a beautiful horse with names as Hugo… and “No Smoking” – haha, Antonia and I had read off the horses’ names from the labels outside their stable cubicles. They were very gentle as we stroked them, and we stole lots of apples from the basket to feed them beautiful horses. I learnt from Antonia, who absolutely loves riding, way back from her time in Singapore, that when horses’ ears are leaned back when strangers touch them, it is a sign that they are wary, but if their ears are perked up, its a safe and friendly disposition they have there. I think, most of the horses I stroked had perked-up ears, for that, I’m gladsome 😀









I thank God for precious time of prayer and fellowship with sisters very dear to me, for traces of His Creation – we had a light snow on the first Friday evening, and watched beautiful sunrises, and a rainbow too plus the long beautiful trek we took into the woods, pretty fallen leaves and winding creeks we followed, His handiwork, simply beautiful.

“The earth is the LORD’s, and the fullness thereof, the world and those who dwell therein” ~ Psalm 24: 1

For so many traces of His steadfast Love in Christ, as we traced His Word and promises through the pages, one which brought indelible comfort and peace to this believing soul.

Thankful, dear God, for a blessed, restful weekend 😀


Upon my return home to Lambton Street, I whisked myself off for evening rota for the church service (Christmas Carols by Candlelight, it was) Absolutely lovely. After helping out with the setting of mince pies and pouring lots of mulled wine into a large container, I zipped outside to the main hall, and comfortably slipped into a seat next to a friend whom God had moved to come find out the real meaning of Christmas for herself, Zeng Xiao Yu (nickname, “Fish”). Together we sang along with the choir to hymns of Christ’s birth, marvelled at the soloist and the choir-only bits, and certainly celebrated a very early and very gladsome Christmas in the house of corporate worship 😀 Praise God – Fish now knows the real meaning of Christmas – red tract in hand – and let us be continuing to remember her in prayer as she returns to Hong Kong to complete her studies before an eventual return to China. I leave her in good hands – I had discovered that Sincere “Zin Sze”, another friend and sister, comes from the same University as Fish in Hong Kong and is a pastor’s daughter (and certainly lives like one too!), and a wink and chat between us over mulled wine and stollen (Christmas fruitcake!) reflected a shared understanding of the LORD’s continued work to be done in Xiao Yu’s heart.


We will remember Sincere and Fish in prayer as they return to Hong Kong, this blessed Christmas 😀

This lovely evening, where I said goodbye to one of the most joyful believers I know:


Photo above captures the joy I cannot express in words, haha. Here at iFocus and especially on the weekend away, our hearts are strengthened and encouraged at how God has blessed Nicola greatly as a young believer and as one of our family! Please pray for us as we prepare to meet up regularly next term for continued spiritual growth – we begin 1-2-1 Bible reading as the new term begins. 

This blessed Sabbath was followed with a great time of reflections and prayer-catchup with dear Daphne, long through the evening, M~M~M, YES! (We speak mysteriously in codes 😀 )

The first term thus ended on a Monday for me, with a smattering of packing and tying-up of work, and also, cheered up with a surprise gift from our lecturer – personalized gingerbread cookies from Jen!!! How lovely aye 🙂


Snippets of our Father’s hands, in my last day in dear Durham:



Adventures on my long plane journey home, I do long to share. This is therefore to be continued! May I leave one with these heartening verses?

“All the paths of the LORD are steadfast love and faithfulness, for those who keep His covenant and His decrees.”

Psalm 25: 10

Not one, not some, but ALL of God’s paths! Blessed are they who draw near to God indeed. Definitely makes Him follow-worthy, trustworthy! Always!

A peek into insights on the plane journey – yes, it is about prayerfully recognizing and putting to use the gifts God has given each of His children –


“For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God”

2 Timothy 1: 6

O, Praise the LORD for a wonderful close to first term in beautiful England!

Aviary Photo_130312830740998415


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