Only the Triune God is Love


“The profundity of what follows from the community of the Trinity into the human nature as in God’s image and the returning of that to God in the right knowing or loving of Him…

If you pull the thread of the Trinity apart, I think, as Edwards will say, the whole thing, the Universe, unravels.”

“Love, comes before Power.”

Based on John 17: 26 where Jesus prayed “…that the love with which You have loved Me may be in them” – “You won’t be left to yourself when it comes to the energy to love God the way you should. The very love of the Father for the Son will be put in you, and you will have an infinite assistance in enjoying God in the age to come.” AMEN. 

“Non-hierarchical… all three equal.”

And beautifully, in closing, and in exhortation! 

“Based on Romans 5… The love of God is poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit…which probably means the Holy Spirit is the Living embodiment of God loving us. It is GOD loving us.”

“The very mark of Christian maturity is bound up with the Triune God in Father, Son and Spirit working their jointly-planned rescue, before foundations of the world, in the lives of actual individual Christians and in the life of the church.”


The letters P.C.K. no longer triggers the character Phua Chu Kang 😉


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