On matters Eternity past

Of late, a conversation with a friend ensued on Predestination.

It is a topic which can never be buried, I feel. It will surface again and again. It is like a mole-thumping machine! Or was it a beaver-thumping machine.

Image                     Dodgy beavers. At least they’re friendly. This one in the picture is, anyway =)

And each time, predestination has to be properly addressed. Properly thumped.

It’s been occupying my thoughts, and terms are slippy to my mind.

Christian, isn’t it only ever by the grace of God that our minds should grasp any concept at all!

I have found a website, The Calvinist Corner, which outlines bits I find useful. Sites like these are available anywhere, really. The best is to pick up a good book on the whole issue.

Jesus died for all who would believe.

And that is NOT of anything of any Christian’s own merit, but by God’s Sovereign choosing, 

God’s Sovereign Grace.

Sovereign Grace… what a concept.

Perhaps the producers of Sovereign Grace (Hey it reads SG!) music were contemplating these issues when they decided to helpfully use the name. Definitely means a lot more than a label name to me now.

*Since this post, I have found this post by Alastair Roberts, http://alastairadversaria.wordpress.com/2014/01/07/nine-reasons-why-i-am-thankful-to-be-a-calvinist/ incredibly helpful. With Derek Rishwary, ‘Reformed-ish’ is a term I too prefer now.


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