I’d Rather be in this wheelchair knowing Him

“When I was first injured laying on that hospital bed, I said “God, here I am, your celestial experiment, your human guinea pig. Prove yourself to be who you claim to be through Christ.
I’m gonna put You to the test here. There’s got to be more to life than just existing.
Slowly I began to sense a stirring in my heart. And I think it was hope. To me that was reason enough to keep on going.

God satisfies with a capital “S”, no, He satiates; He soaks me with contentment, I mean my heart is filled to overflowing. I can go to bed at night, close my eyes and be happy. What’s that all about? I’m a quadriplegic. And yet I’m happy! Yes there are times when the pain is searing. But when I turn to God rather than pecan vanilla nut ice-cream, He tastes a lot better. Taste the Lord and know that He is good! That’s something every individual has to discover for himself.

I can only say that the path God has put me on has been a path of answers, of hope, of contentment, of joy and peace that is so profound and a rock-solid settledness in my soul. You’re just gonna have to put your trust in Jesus to discover Him for yourself. He’s THAT good. He is ecstasy beyond words. And it is worth anything to be His friend, ANYTHING.”

An incredible testimony of Joni Eareckson Tada. There is so much to give thanks for in her life. As we look at our own lives and how God has been working so faithfully, perhaps even in ways we cannot see, surely, surely, the Truth still stands:

God is always Good, and His steadfast Love, endures forever.


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