Don’t Forget to Pray for the Children

I must never forget.


That day in December, this time my fourth to the Land of Smiles,

when I had dared to tell the little children

that if they would tell God their dreams.

If they would give them to Him.

They’d come true. They will.

He’d use them greatly for His Kingdom & His glory.

Aviary Photo_130374379100426045

Those little red hearts, filled with hopes, written in Khmer.

When Rotha Neth told me, that some of the little children said they would take it home to their parents

Write their dreams then.

When shy, soft-spoken thirteen-year-old Sokthea whispered in my ear,

that he wanted to be a doctor.

“He put that there. He knows.” That gentle nod.

When God moved me to give a heart too, to he who helped me to flag a motorduk,

and too, he who had sent me safe to my doorstep.

“Phra-ong Phrotin Po”. Hands clasped, head bowed.

A kind smile, in return.

I know, those little red hearts,

God is keeping them safe.

And He’s not forgotten.


I don’t tell people things, make great promises, and leave.

I can’t be physically present yet,

but spiritually present,

I can,

I must,

I will be.

Aviary Photo_130375581253189487

The poised fingers of a child playing by the concrete, Prek Ho school land.


I continue to wait,

but with Your hand in mine,

I know.

You’ve taught me once, what it meant to Hope:

I am learning, that there is a place for our dreams.

For all our dreams, yes, there is only little within our control. We do ultimately have to surrender to the plans of God. A lot of the times, I dwell about the future – missions, directions, purpose, meaning, etc – but I am learning, that instead of simply erasing these concerns from our minds, which is hardly possible anyway, or giving up on those dreams,

there is a place, for holding onto them and hoping for the best.

There is a place, for God’s plans to unfold His way, and in His time.

Hope, because it is always available.

Through Christ, Hope is our umbilical cord to God,

A symbol of trust in His best plan, even though we might not know what it may be.

On the other hand, when we try to control too much of our lives according to our own plans, disasters can happen, we terminate our lifelines to God, we abort our hopes in Him. Such leaves us in despair, in fear, grasping in the darkness, lost.

So, Hope.

I do not know the outcome, but I know, it is right to put my hope in God.

Hope, because it gives us Life;

Hope, because it produces faith & because God’s grace often surprises in ways unimaginable, if we are patient enough to wait;

and Hope, because

“Every dream deserves a fighting chance.”

Hope does not disappoint us, because God’s Love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit that has been given to us ~ Romans 5: 5

Hope, because there is a place, for our dreams.


It is right to dream.

It is right to Hope.

You’ve progressively showed me, what it means, to live a life of surrender.

“To live is Christ, to die is gain”, You’ve said.

And because You’ve proven so faithful in this life of mine,

and because You make all things beautiful,


in my Your time 


I will wait.

Aviary Photo_130375586724159533

“And the LORD shall guide thee continually” ~ Isaiah 58:11 


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