Holding Fast; where I will always Begin

Do you think God beckons?

Do you think one can refuse God’s persistent call?

“I seem to have no peace… about either staying… or returning…” 

“I wondered, What is God really trying to say to me?” As I prayed and fasted, God revealed Himself to me in a vision. It came back several times before I understood the revelation.” 

“‘I have led you to this point’, said God” 

“My only comfort was Gisela, who had been with me in India and accepted the vision without question. In moments of discouragement, even when my faith wavered, she refused to allow us to let go of the vision. Rebuffed but certain we had heard God correctly, we planted the first seeds by ourselves”

“‘Haven’t I commanded you to live by faith?’ asked the Holy Spirit” 

“This was the way the LORD was leading [me]. How the LORD leads you may be different. This is what is important: each one of us is responsible for how we obey what He has said and follow Him alone” 

“In those early days, what kept me going was the assurance that there was no other way. Even if people did not understand, I felt an obligation to the knowledge of God’s call.”

“With youthful zest, Gisela and I went to India to do our first field survey. We returned a month later, penniless but committed to organizing what eventually would become Gospel for Asia” 

“On the last day at the church, I tearfully preached my farewell sermon. When the last good-bye was said and the last hand was grasped, I locked the door and paused on the steps. I felt the hand of God lifting the mantle from my shoulders. God was releasing me of the burden for this church and the people of this place. As I strolled across the gravel driveway, the final mystery of Christian service became real to me.” 

“Everywhere I went, I asked questions.” 

“The only way I escaped several disastrous decisions was my stubborn refusal to compromise the vision God had given. If something fit with what God had said to me, then I considered it. If not — no matter how attractive it appeared — I refused. The secret of following God’s will, I discovered, usually is wrapped up in rejecting the good for God’s best” 

“God always chooses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. He shows His might only on the behalf of those who trust in Him. Humility is the place where all Christian service begins.” 

`Dr K. P. Yohannan,

From the book which had persistently followed me, all the way from Singapore.

I had left my original copy behind, but He answered a yearning, and just this week, a brand new copy, to my complete & utter surprise, landed unexpectedly in my hands, here in England.


I’ll walk by faith, and not by sight.


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