Seven precious moments

A surprise lunch with M, who had lived – and still does – in Cambodia for more than a decade. Stories. Insights. I showed her my Sunflower by the village church gates.

“Sunflowers don’t grow in Cambodia”, she whispered.

“I have not seen one all ten years of my life growing up there.”

I knew.

I knew then, how precious it was to have sighted them in Kampong Trea.

They were Your gifts to me. I cannot turn away.


An evening dinner with H, who has given her life to serve Jesus overseas, too. A sharing of resources. A sharing of hearts. A time of quiet, believing prayer. God shall keep our hearts aflame for Him.

On a Tuesday, I had spoken, with the courage You gave me, of the incarnation of Christ in class. I had come away shaken, even as I trudged on to church. There, I found rest in the Good news of the Gospel. You redeemed. You restored. That evening, You reminded me of the Song of Solomon. You reminded me, that in the stillness, anyplace, anywhere, a love for Jesus can flourish.

In the midst of these, I saw a bicycle again. I smiled. You remember.

The next day, I awoke to beautiful hues of Your creations, as they bloomed under the Shining Sun. It had been really sunny all week, it felt so summery. L’amourese. 

2014-03-12 09.50.14

A Skype with P, traces of the beautiful country’s name. Somewhere, someplace. God is presently using people greatly in His kingdom.

Friday, a consultation. One smiles. “Perhaps there is something… behind the fact that theory and religion are increasingly closely intertwined. Maybe its saying something” , he says. A wink?

I rejoiced. You work in ways I cannot see. For Your glory.

A time of fellowship with A, as we flipped to the pressed flowers between the pages of my Bible, graciously given to me by the little children in Prek Ho School-land. I traced my fingers over the flowers as I recounted that precious moment.

Strange, the leaves are still green” , says A.

A video call with N, where we rejoiced, that You are the Same God working in our lives. You’re the God who transcends the space-time we are apart, You’re the Intimate God who embraces us every moment, and whom never sleeps. You’re the God who sent us Jesus, who took it all for us at the Cross. Her prayer for me was beautiful. It reminded me, that You are my Refuge and my Strength. In You, I find myself. I do not want people to remember me. I want people to remember Jesus. That’s what my life is for. A swirl and a twinkle, and then to eternal Glory.

I glanced again at my journal, and read through my entries in the time I had been there.

I was glad that I had penned down every moment You had blessed me with.

Aviary Photo_130375587945307994Prek Ho, 03.01.2014

These moments, are very precious to me.

Thank You.

For the way in which You have encouraged, have cheered me on through the week. You’d be the Same and the only One cheering me on, as I walk this path, as I tread this journey.

There is none like Jesus. And You are teaching me,

daily, hourly, to cling to the Cross.

Your heart for Cambodia, never stops beating.

Give life. Give breath. Give Jesus.

I worship One, in whose hands lie the destiny of souls.

Your Kingdom come. 

Your will be done on earth, as it is in Heaven. 

Dearest sister-mentor L, is flying up in the week ahead, and I’m absolutely excited! 😀 Thank You for this lovely and precious gift. Thank You.


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