Christ is the C…

Christ is the Centre and Power of the Bible, of the church, of theology, but also of humanity, reason, justice, and culture. To Christ everything must return: only under Christ’s protection can it live.”

Ethics, Dietrich Bonhoeffer. p337.

I am trudging on with the final essay of term. On Life and Living, is the module’s name. It has been one incredible and humbling spiritual journey. Tides, currents, silences and a calm finality. One cannot imagine the measure of encouragement this statement by Bonhoeffer has given.

Even where and as I struggle, I remember, that the LORD’s power is made perfect in my weakness. The Gospel is to be told, reinforced, and the Spirit shall complete the work.

It’s in God’s hands, for His glory.

Please pray with me, dear friend, that this work may be a meaningful step – however small in its contribution – towards the softening of hardened hearts.

Importantly, may Bonhoeffer’s statement, be of good cheer to you, too.

I offer to you who pray, my heartfelt thanks.

I’ll write soon. God bless. 


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